Friday, March 23, 2012

Princess and the pea

Avery is probably the pickiest sleeper I've ever met! Lately she will not sleep in her crib! She'll fall asleep and then wake up crying. The only way i can get her to bed is to put her on the twin bed in her room with pillows around her so she doesn't roll off. As soon as i laid her down she passes out. And if i put her back in her crib when she's sleeping after a few minutes she starts crying again. So we figured her bed must not be comfortable enough. Yesterday we went to IKEA and found a bed set for her with bumper pads because she's getting so big and i don't want her to get stuck in one of the slots. But back to the story. We found the mattresses and decided to get Avery a new mattress because soon its not going to be safe to have her on that twin bed. When we got home the mattress was thinner than i expected so i just put it on time of her existing mattress. Go figure but sense then she's been sleeping great! So thanks to her aunt Audra, Averys new nick name is princess and the pea. I found this adorable bed i just might have to make Avery when she's old enough :) Its a good thing she's so dang cute!

I cant believe its been two years already!

 About a month ago Chris and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary. I'm shocked with how fast the times gone. Chris is the most amazing husband and father anyone could ever ask for. He's my best friend I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

Sense we had Avery we haven't had a lot of time alone together. My mom had been bugging me to let her take Avery over night so i finally gave in :) Chris and i took a two night get away to celebrate our marriage. The first night we went to little America hotel in SLC. Went to happy sumo for dinner because i hadn't had sushi in over a year!  The hotel had an awesome indoor out door pool and the most amazing five star breakfast buffet! This is the view from our room.

After breakfast we went to the movie we bought a zoo. If you haven't seen it you should! I teared up a few times. :) We went to message envy for couples messages and ended the day with dinner at the Melting pot.

Our second night we went up to Midway and stayed in the invited inn. Its the cutest bed and breakfast. the couple that owns it is so nice! The rooms had their own steam shower, sauna and a huge tub.

We had such a great weekend but by the second night we really missed our little girl. Even though we dont get a whole lot of time alone together we have such a great life and adding a baby just makes it better.
I'm still shocked its been two years. Our wedding day feels like just yesterday. Being sealed for time and all eternity to my best friend, We have such a fun time together. Even sitting at home watching a movie together and just joking around. Its been amazing two years i cant wait for the rest of eternity! I love you so much Chris! Marrying you was the best decision i ever made!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Avery's getting SOOO big!

Avery has been getting so big with an even bigger personality! She's able to sit up on her own, she LOVES to talk to herself all of the time. Her vocabulary consists of dada, lala, baba a low aaaaah and this creepy hissing noise she sounds like a snake!

 about a week ago she got her first tooth and now she's working on her second one! Poor girl has been having a really hard time with those dang teeth! I hate that they hurt her so much. It tried getting a picture of it... HA that was a joke! After 10 minutes of trying i finally gave up.

She loves rolling over but hates being on her tummy. I keep trying to tell her she'll never learn to crawl if she always rolls over but she doesn't seem to care.

She likes eating her solid food and making a mess while doing it! I think its because she also loves to take baths!

Avery has started using a sippy cup which is pretty fun to watch! She's not very good at it yet but i think she likes being independent and feeding herself.

She also likes playing with her toys especially her ExerSaucer!

She's been doing very good at taking naps during the days but her one down fall is she turns into a MONSTER at about 8:00pm! She HATES going to bed at nights. Some times we'll fight with her for up to two hours just to get her to go to bed! She would honestly be a perfect baby if she would just go to sleep at night! But i guess i cant complain too much. She's such a sweet baby. I'm the luckiest mom in the world to spend every day with her!

Avery's first Christmas!

This post will mostly consist of pictures. We bought Avery a lot of toys for Christmas that she ended up getting a month early. We figured she didn't know the difference and we wanted her to be able to play with them. I love Christmas last year we didn't decorate. but this year we changed that. I love when the house is decorated and cozy. Here are a few pictures of the house and Avery's babysitter Shannon crocheted the most adorable dress for Avery's Christmas present. 

Its time for an update!

Okay everyone its time for A LOT of posts!! Please bear with me while i update everyone on whats happened in our life.

In November we took a trip to Arizona to see Chris' family. It was a very busy few days. We went to the Arizona Zoo. It was a lot of fun to see all our nieces and nephews looking at the animals. Avery had a lot of fun looking around. It was very new to her. She had a little bit of trouble adjusting to the long road trip and staying in a hotel so we had to go to our hotel room a lot so she could catch up on sleep. We got to go to the LDS temple to watch Audra and JR be sealed together for time and all eternity. Kirsten and Sammy had a birthday party at peter piper pizza. We got to play lots of games and eat awesome pizza! Kirsten turned 8 so we were there for her to be baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. And last but not least Chris' Grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.  It was such a fun trip! It would have been a little bit funner if Avery hadn't been so fussy. I wasn't able to see a lot of Chris' family because she was so fussy so hopefully next time she'll be a lot better!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


About a month ago we had Avery's baby blessing. It was such an amazing experience Chris did such a wonderful job. You could tell how much he loves his littler girl. Avery was blessed in the same dress i was blessed in. She looked so cute! We had a pretty amazing experience, after her blessing we went to my parents house for a pot luck lunch. While we were setting up i looked at my mom and asked her if there was any more food. She said no and we started to search for things to give to people. We had SOO many guests over and hardly any food. I was freaking out i knew there wasn't enough for everyone to get food. At best half of them could get a plate. But there was nothing we could do. So we said a prayer and everyone lined up to get food. I watched as people came and completely filled their plates! The line got smaller and smaller and the food was still there! I seriously was shocked. Every person got a full plate of food and there was still food left over! Its amazing how the lord blesses you. Avery has been getting so strong. Last week she rolled over from her stomach to her back! I was so proud of her! She also loves to sit up in her Bumbo chair. And can stand up when you hold her hands! She's getting quite the personality. She loves to talk and scream! Chris says she's going to have the Hoskins scream like all of her cousins :) Last week she also started eating cereal! It depends on the day if she likes it or not ha ha! I cant believe how fast she's growing up already. Next week she's going to be 3 months!! Chris and I got to have a few hours to ourselves last week. My parents came and stayed with us so my dad could go to the BUY football game. Right when the game was about to start Chris came home with a few tickets and my mom offered to watch Avery so we could go. It was so much fun spending time with Chris. We ended up leaving early. BYU kicked Idahos butt and i missed my baby. Other than that nothing too exciting has happened. I absolutely love being a mother! Its hard to imagine our life with out her.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Avery's first smiles (That i caught on camera)

 Avery has been smiling for a while now but i finally caught them on camera! She's such a cutie and so much fun! Here are some pictures.