Friday, March 23, 2012

Princess and the pea

Avery is probably the pickiest sleeper I've ever met! Lately she will not sleep in her crib! She'll fall asleep and then wake up crying. The only way i can get her to bed is to put her on the twin bed in her room with pillows around her so she doesn't roll off. As soon as i laid her down she passes out. And if i put her back in her crib when she's sleeping after a few minutes she starts crying again. So we figured her bed must not be comfortable enough. Yesterday we went to IKEA and found a bed set for her with bumper pads because she's getting so big and i don't want her to get stuck in one of the slots. But back to the story. We found the mattresses and decided to get Avery a new mattress because soon its not going to be safe to have her on that twin bed. When we got home the mattress was thinner than i expected so i just put it on time of her existing mattress. Go figure but sense then she's been sleeping great! So thanks to her aunt Audra, Averys new nick name is princess and the pea. I found this adorable bed i just might have to make Avery when she's old enough :) Its a good thing she's so dang cute!